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With grant funding from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ Post-Sandy Planning Assistance Grant Program, the Hudson County Division of Planning has launched the Engaging and Strengthening Hudson County Planning Initiative. This initiative is an inclusive strategic planning process which will involve a collaboration of professional planners, engineers, government officials, businesses, organizations, and the general public. It will result in four new planning documents for Hudson County: the creation of an update to the County Master Plan, a new County Parks Master Plan, a new 5-year Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy “CEDS” Plan, and a new County Capital Improvement Plan.

 It’s time now for your voice to be heard. This survey is just one of many public participation opportunities for residents and visitors of Hudson County to engage in. Your input will help shape an overall set of goals, objectives, and guiding principles to be established into a unified vision for planning and resiliency in Hudson County and will help prioritize future funding efforts.

Together, we will create a strong vision of a diverse, dynamic, equitable, flourishing, and resilient Hudson County, expressed through these four plans, which will guide us into the future.

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